Monday, July 27, 2015

Distractions while stitching....

Good Saturday Morning,

We are in the dogs days of summer here and my my my is it ever HOT! We have been cooling off poolside lately and I am thankful for that. I have been rejuvenated and find myself wanting to start EVERYTHING. So a few nights ago after chatting with a couple girlfriends about what they were working on I kitted up Snowmen Trio by Country Cottage Needleworks here is my progress as of today
Stitched 2 over 2 on 28ct lambswool

Yesterday I spent the day at a stitching friends house. This was only the second time actually meeting her. But it is amazing how you immediately have a bond with basically a total stranger. I wish I could have stayed longer, the visit seemed way to short. But luckily she is a quick hour and 20 minute drive from here..

My latest distraction has been this sassy pants.

She was so tired from being up ALL night long, YEAH US!!! that she decided at 10 A.M she was just going to take a quick cat nap before she began her tear through the house again. She is a wild thing but, she has stolen our hearts that's for sure. And thankfully her and the dog have been getting along good. They stalk each other but have yet figured out how to play with one another. each is afraid of the other LOL

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Wishing you all a great week.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Meet our new kitten

We finally welcomed our new kitten home on Friday and what a sweet surprise she is. I was lucky to be able to visit with her a few times before adopting her and her personality is so much different now, when she was with her siblings she was playful but very shy. She has really opened up and is just a little cuddle bug, though she tends to bite while she cuddles LOL
So far her and the dog have been doing ok, she did swat at the dog and hiss and since then Licorice has been keeping her distance but still wants to bark at her and chase her. I think by the end of the week they will be the best of friends.

Mind you I have not gotten a lick of stitching done. I do need to finish a gift for my cousin who is getting married next weekend. So I guess tomorrow will be my sewing day. I wish you all a great evening

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from the Jewel of the Midlands.... We are spending the day on the water. Wishing you a happy and safe 4th of July

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A little stash enhancement always feels good

Friends are always good for enabling you. You will never hear "are you sure you need that" or "Don't you think you have enough" nope good stitching friends always tell you " I could see you stitching that" and even more they tell you " I bet that would look great stitched over one on 36ct"

Yup those are my friends and I love them LOL We spent the morning at Stitch and frame in Rock Hill. I really love this shop not only are the people who work there wonderful, but they have some beautiful shop models, which is the reason why I bought this one. I would have never thought to buy this had I not seen the model. It was stitched on 40ct over 1 but I decided to save my sanity and my eyesight and stitch it on 36ct over 1. So far so good!!

Plum street Sampler Eliza Scattergood on 36ct butter Pecan

After our shopping trip we hit up a local BBQ place right before they were closing up OOppppss and then we came back to my house stitched for about 20 minutes and decided insted to go for a boat ride on the Lake. Almost got tied up in a storm but Captain George guided us home to safety.

If everyday could be spent like that life would be SUPER FANTASTIC.

Life here in the South has been HHOTTTT!!!! Now we are use to heat but we like to get warmed up to it before we get baked. This sure has started off fast and there has been no rain, as I am typing I Hear thunder in the distance but I can tell you that it's all talk. Just a 5 minute shower and I would be happy.

But you know what I know that it is a lot tougher in other places so for that I know that we are blessed.

I wish everyone a great night. stay cool and stay happy

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New kitten coming soon.....

Do you ever work on a piece and feel like you just are not making progress?? That is how I feel right now with my current WIP. Blessings be Thine by BBD.... I have been working on it sine May 19.
Don't get me wrong I am enjoying it but it just seems like it is one of those pieces that will take me forever. I am going to work on it tonight and then put it away for a week and work on another WIP.

Did you happen to notice the scratching post behind the stitching stand?? Well that could only mean one thing...... We got our selves a kitten :D Last week I meet with a 10 week old black kitten named Daisy, and while she was adorable she was EXTREMELY hyper. Now I know kittens are full of energy but I have known some to be fun and play full while not being cray-cray LOL

So the next week I was at work asking a co-worker how his foster kittens were doing he told me I should come over that Sunday and meet "Emily" his favorite and so I did and I feel in love. She is one of four and I just loved her personality. So I went to the rescue center I volunteer at and adopted her!!! She will be home with me in about two weeks. She still needs her second round of shots and to be spayed. But her foster parents have been sending me videos of this sweet girl.
Here she is hugging her Brother Derek. They are almost identical in markings except for color.

Initially we were nervous about how our dog Licorice would react to the kitten. But I have adding items to the "kitten Room" daily and telling her that it is for the Kitty and I give her a treat. I think she will be just fine. The kittens name is Emily and while that name is fine, I kind of want to change it but my littel sister in law who is 17 knows that Emily is the cats current name and she is on board with that name, her name is also Emily LOL

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their June. May the warm summer breezes bring you peace and happiness

P.S Sweet Nancy over at Victorian Motto Sampler is having a most awesome giveaway. Christmas in July. If patriotic is your thing then I suggest you head on over to her blog and enter to win. I did :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New stitching stand....

Greetings friends,
I recently went to visit a stitching friend last week whose husband had been in the Hospital. He is a master at making beautiful things out of wood and a few months ago I asked him to make my a stand for stitching. I have a Z-Lap stand but it only clamps on one side and my frames always sag and ending my thread on the back is a pain. This stand is the BEST....

Those dowels keep the frame on the arms for stitching and when I am ready to run my thread through the back I just flip it over, SO EASY

Next photo is a finish. Oh yeah ever once in awhile I have one of those LOL This is for my cousins wedding. I just have to decide if I am going to frame it or make it into a pillow.

The orignal border called for a backstitch border but I wanted to have fun and do some eyelets because they are my fav. I am super happy with how it turned out and it stitched up fairly quick.

Tonight ends my three day weekedn Boo!! I have to head back to work tomorrow but before that I go volunteer with the cats. I have been trying to convince DH that we need a cat in our life. He is not, nor has ever been a cat person, he grew up with dogs and I the opposit, but I think I might have him on board. I found a rescue place that will allow me to take the cat home for the day, I know that my dog will need more than one day to adjust but I think it is a great idea. And while I would like to adopt an older cat I think a kitten would fit better. Though DH says he still wants a dog. I don't know if I can do that. after the loss of Sam it was just to hard. I still think of him often and cry a bit....

I am not rushing anything if we get a cat great if we don't well I am still getting a cat LOL J/K

I wish everyone a great rest of the week make those stitches count and those memories matter ((HUGS))

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chalk Paint Furniture....Success

I have to many furniture pieces that are brown, tan, light brown or chestnut brown. Even my couch is an Olive tone which I do not mind but for years I have been wanting to update my furniture pieces but lets face it I am not going to shell out money for furniture when I have great pieces right here at home.

In walks Chuck, oh I mean Chalk, Chalk paint that is. Friday night after a long night at work I needed to unwind so I came home, poured a glass of wine and started browsing pinterest. Could be good could be bad, it's like a time warp when I start searching on Pinterest, seriously! Anyway I came across Chalk painted furniture. Now this is not chalk board paint, it is Chalk Finish paint. Here is one of the pins I pinned and hopefully next weekend this is what my coffee table will look like. French country end table Cute don't ya think?

Anyway I spent way to many hours searching out paints. I came across one brand but I was not going to pay almost $37 for the paint and then $50 for a special wax brush. That is when I stumbled across Americana Decor Chalk Paints Alot less money and I could just head on over to my local hardware store and but it right away insted of having to wait to have the other brand shipped to me.

So today DH and I went to the hardware store the selection was very small at this location, like literaly 4 colors to pick from. I was originally going to use a color called Primitive but upon looking at it I knew I needed a nice pop of color for this piece I was going to paint.


I love it. It is like having a brand new piece of furniture. This was a cabinet I rescued from the trash when I lived in California. I new one day I would paint and 7 years later I did it. This cabinet holds all my fabric for finishing and some other odds and ends. I am going to find some nice baskets to use to keep the fabrics nice and tidy.

I have already started on another piece, this bookcase.

A friend gave me two of these when she moved from California back to Florida. I use this one to hold stitching related do-dads so I thought why not go ahead and paint it tonight. This paint dries in no time about 10-15 minutes between coats. And once it is all dried you apply a clear wax to seal it all in. This is where I will wait, I used a rag on the cabinet and while it did a fine job using the rag was pretty messy and left it alittle streaky so I am going to get a Stencil/Wax brush and seal it up with the wax tomorrow night.

So have any of you ever painted using this type of paint. If so share your projects :) Well my first coat is dry so I better get back to it.

Take care and have a wonderful night!!!