Friday, November 7, 2014

Do you like surprises??

Well if so head on over to this blog Stitching OZ On Nov. 13th she will draw one lucky persons name.

I ahve not been stitching much latley. Taking a short break this week while I KIT up some projects.... Deciding on floss and fabric for something is very time consuming Hahaha Hopefully I will be back shortly with some pictures to share. I am being a lazy blogger latley.

Take care and I hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stitching retreat pictures........Picture heavy post

I attended the PALS Stitching at the Beach retreat this past weekend. This was my second year. And just like last year I had such a fun time. I roomed with the same ladies as last year. Let me tell ya these ladies are never lacking in the fun department. The conversations we end up having are priceless.

I did manage to stitch a few things and it ended up being two small kits I bought from and her design she made especially for PALS 2014 Hands on Design they includ everything needed to finish the designs. I also bought a mess of trims from Cathy as well she has some lovely hand dyed pom poms and ric rak. You can never have to much. Cathy is just the sweetest person.

Another of my favorites was there again this year Beth fromSummer Stitch House Works She also designed a piece especially for this PALS retreat. I am working on that now. Beth is super sweet.

I will share a few photos of things I bought, recieved and exchanged.
My roommate Michele went to Paris last month and when I got to my room Thursday these gifts were sitting on my bed. I adore Michele, she is such a sweetheart and the only one who can call me BRAT and I let it slide :) You can read all about her trip HERE

Last year I did not participate in any of the exchanges, but I knew I had to do at least three this year. I am so glad I did. The grab bag exhange was the most fun. I will do this one again next year for sure. You place your things you buy in a container so no one can see the contents,stitching necessities, fabric, floss etc.

You are picking based on the contaier. Some are very small and some are very large. I will find some photos of the exchange table and post those tomorrow. It is like White Elephant you can steal or choose from the table and the next can steal from you or pick from table the third person must pick from the table so on and so on. I had my eye and hands on many awesome containers. I ended up picking a package that looked like a HoBos thing they carry over their shoulder. This is what was inside. LOTS of fabric and usefull stitching tools. I loved it

Next is a pillow I recieved from the Stitched exchnage. This was a fun exchange also. Everyone put their stitched piece in a bag so you could not see what was inside, you placed it under your chair and then basicly played musical chairs switching seats OFTEN. Eventually the game ended and you end up with whatever bag was under your seat. Let me tell you every item stitched for this game was beautiful. I absolutley adore mine.

Next was the Christmas Exchange. You stitch as many christmas ornaments as you want and then when your ticket number is called you get to go to the table and pick an ornament you want. I stitched a small pillow, small enough to be displayed. when my number was called I really had a tough time picking but in the end I went with this one. I tend to decorate in a woodsy rustic theme so I thought this would be perfect. The woman who stitched this stitched many other things that were the coveted items during exchanges LOL

And lastly here is a photo of the goodies I bought from the Vendors. I was pretty good and did not go overboard but I don't think that is the point of these things LOL Whenever anyone from our table came back from the vendor area we all got excited to see what they bought. It was like Christmas

I will share a few more photos tomorrow because this is already super long. Tomorrow I will share what Amy who puts this all together gave to us on our last day there. If you have stuck around this long then I thank you. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you ever get the chance to attend a PALS Retreat do it. It is so much fun meeting new stitchers and getting together with old friends.
Take Care and Happy stitching

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Are you Thankful for

Victorian Motto is having a giveaway on her blog and she is asking those to post the link on their own blog to be eligable for 25 more entries. I have much to be thankful for Great friends, a loving husband, my faith and the ability to stitch. Head on over to her blog and enter to win some of her beautiful floss.
Be ye Thankful giveaway

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Keep me away from sharp objects!!!

Why oh why am I so clumsy? Me and sharp objects just do not mix! And right before I am to go on a stitching retreat next weekend, this happens.

Last night while there was a commercial during the baseball game I went into the sewing room to cut some fabric for a stitched piece I am finishing. Well insted of cutting the fabric I rolled that rotary cutter right over my thumb, almost nearly cut the whole tip off!! It is a deep cut but hubby and I looked at it this morning and we decided that it is not deep enough to need stitches. Two months ago I got bit by my blind dog whose thought he was attacking the nieghbors dog but in reality he was attacking the air and when I went to pick him up he got my wrist, that also did not get stitches, though I did get a tetanus shot.

I have two pieces that I need to finish before next Wednesday and I am hoping that this heals quickly so I can get that work done. So for now there will no stitching. I guess I can use this time to KIT up some projects to take with me to the retreat. My husband has insited that I am no longer allowed to use sharp objects after 8p.m LOL Probably best :)

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy. I will update everyone about my finger the next few days....

Take care and happy stitching :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

7 ornaments in the current 2014 JCS magazine I hope to stitch

First, let me say thank you to those that have stopped by to leave comments. Always so nice to read them. Those ort boxes were very addicting to make but sadly I don't have the actual instructions and not sure if I could explain it. BUT if you are going to the PALS retreat in Mrytle Beach Oct 15-20 I will he there and would be happy to show you, just bring some scrap book paper :) 2 pieces equal 1 box.

Ok onto my top five ornaments from the current JCS ornament magazine. In no particular order. I actually ended up picking eigh seven.

Be an Elf by The Primitive Hare

Home for Christmas by Gentle Pursuit Designs
I love this scenery

Star of Wonder by Julia Lucas

Faith by Nikyscreations
love the simplicity of this one

Just One More Stitch by The Victoria Sampler
I think we can all relate to this as stitchers :)

Christmas Reindeer Bisornu by Praiseworthy Stitches
Who can resist a biscornu?

Star of Wonder by The Stitchworks

I was quit pleased with the selection of ornaments in this years issue. When will I start these? who knows. I have all of these completed projects that need some finishing attention. 47 in this drawer
three are being sent off to a finisher and one is being framed. The rest might be finished by me.

I hope ya'll enjoyed this post. What are your favorite ornaments in this years issue?

Take care and happy stitching!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

paper ort boxes

I have spent a good part of my evening making these
Paper ort boxes. Picked up some scrapbook paper today and went to town, they are so easy to make. Hopefully I can crank out another 16 tonight.

I attended a local EGA stitching get together and they were making them for an upcoming meeting. I am thinking about joining the chapter even though it really is on the other side of town for me. But it is so nice to stitch with others

I have also made some progress on Quaker Reindeer by The Workbasket

Almost finished with it. I am enjoying this design

Next blog post I will list my top 5 2014 JCS ornaments

Take care and stitch on!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sister Stitcher

WOW, September already? Where did the summer go? What a great summer it was. We truly enjoyed our summer. My sister came to visit, I went to Virginia for a family reunion, spent a ton of time boating and swiming at the lake. I am sad to see it coming to an end in the next month but I will say I am looking forward to the cooler temps.

Today was a high of 77, and right now it says 73 on the computer but it feels slightly cooler than that. With cooler temps brings fires outside, sweaters and my favorite sweatpants. But most of all the return of my oven..... I have not turned my oven on since May, yup you read that right. It has been since May that I cooked a meal in my oven. How did we survive?? Crock pot and the grill. I made some really awesome meals in the Crock Pot. But I can't wait to bake biscuts, cornbread and pies :) Ohh oven how I have missed you LOL

What have I been up to since my last post?? Trying to finish baby blankets for babies that have already made their way into this world, but also working on some exchanges for my upcoming trip to PALS Stitching retreat in Myrtle Beach. I can't wait. This will be my second year attending. I had such a great time last year, and it is so nice to meet all the wonderful stitching people that you talk to via email, blog posts and face book. I am working on a Christmas ornament for the exchnage and possbly one more if I have time.

I did finish this last week it is a freebie by Primitive Hare You can click and it will take you to the link. It was fun to put my own twist on it by picking out fabric and colors of my choice.

I could see myself stitching this one again. It was that much fun. Has everyone seen the newest JCS Ornament mag?? What ornaments do you just HAVE to stitch? I have a few in mind maybe on my next post I will list my top 5.

Till then I hope you all have a wonderful day :D