Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Thank you to all that commented and also those that left comments to enter the drawing. I let random number generator do the picking. I will post the winner at the end of this blog post.

How was everyones 4th weekend? I sure do hope everyone had an enjoyable time celebrating the Independance of this great nation. I had one heck of a week. My work closed for 8 days which gives all of us time to take vactactions. I spent the first half of my vaction at home spending time with my husband, getting sun and enjoying the lake.

The other half was spent at my family reunion. Every year my Dads sister hosts a reunion at her house. And let me tell ya it is a full house :) They have 11 brothers and sisters, plus all their chidren and their childrens children. Before my Dads mother passed away she asked that the reunions be continued and my Aunt has done a fine job. It is alot of work getting a party ready for 80+ people. I admire her so much, really all my Aunts and Uncles. They are just the sweetest people I know. We always have such a great time catching up, laughing till we cry, telling stories and just being with one another. It it something I look forward to every year but sadly it always passes to quickly.

Saturday morning when I woke this is the view I was greeted with.
Southwest Virginia is home to me even though I was not born there. Gives me such a peaceful feeling.

While I was there I did have a small window to stitch. This is To The Beach by Cathy from Hands On Design
It was a special release for PALS last year. I changed the word "thee" to "Me" I am thinking of making a zippered bag and puting it on that. Well who am I kidding I am thinking of having Faye make me a zippered bag LOL

When I got home from Virgina I was greeted by my In laws they will be here till Friday so the fun continues. Which is why I am a day late in posting the wimmer of the Cinnamon Hearts chart. So the winner is.............. Fog City Dweller Valerie I will emailing you shortly :)

I thank you all again for the kind comments. I enjoy reading your posts. I hope you have a wonderful evening.
((HUGS)) to you all!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Finally a finish

I bought this chart a few months ago and put the finale stitches in a few hours ago. I had to get alittle edgy with it and throw some color in there. This was such a fun little design. Nan's designs are always great to stitch and her finishing instructions are always so detailed and easy to follow. But with this one I am going to send it off to Faye becasue she is so talented.
Here is the finished project

How many of you have stitched this design? If you have not and would like to well today is your lucky day. I will pass the chart AND the leftover floss which I think will be enough to use. Just become a follower and leave a comment with a way to get a hold of you. I will pick a winner on Monday July 7th

Happy Stitching to you all

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sometimes older is better

I picked up this dresser from a listing I saw on Facebook. I have been without a dresser for six years, six years people is a long time to keep your clothes in rubbermaid bins ;) Sometimes I felt like I was a college student with the way I was storing my clothes. But now I am the proud owner of this beautiful piece.

The lady I bought it from said when she found it it was covered in layers of paint and it was missing the drawer fronts. So she sent it off to a cabinet maker and when he striped it underneath all of that paint was beautiful Tiger wood. The handles need to be replaced as they are just small metal knobs, I am going to check out the flea market and the antique stores in search of some pretty knobs before I turn to the internet.

I love old furniture and waiting for me back in Ohio is my Grandmothers china cabinet and her antique dresser. And hopefully within the next 6 months I can finally move it down here to South Carolina.

On the stitching front I am slowly working on Cinnamon Hearts by Threadwork Primitive I really enjoy the colors but I am thinking of using a much different contrasting color for the peacock, we'll see. Well folks since I have to do some errands before I head into work I wish you all a lovely day and a fantastic weekend :D

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello is this thing on????

Well hello friends, though I have not been blogging I still have been busy as a bee. Since it has been almost 1 whole month I will start off will a small post and give a longer one next time. Things here in South Carolina have been busy and HOTTTTT there is a reason why Columbia,Sc chose the nick name famously hot. 98 degrees with alot of humidity UGH something this West Coast girl is not use to. But thankfully the lake is near by if you can't beat the heat just jump on in.

Yesterday I was checking my tomato plants and on my Purple Tomatillo look what I found....

Is this not the strangest thing ever. It is a Hornworm and will devore tomato plants. So while I am glad I found him I was sad to have to take him away from his feeding grounds.... I told him I was sorry before I started plucking him off. Sucker was strong LOL

Today I drove to the next town over, they have some great antique shops. While though I did not buy anything I did snap a photo of these barn Swallows. There were about 4 nests total and this little chick was begging for it's Mama to come feed him.

I hope everyone is stitching their hearts out this summer. What fun charts have you bought? A girl is always looking to be enabled :D

Have a fantastic night and take care!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

What I've been up to

I can't believe it has been 20 days since my last post. This makes me sad that it means another month is almost over. But also happy because it has been a fun filled month. Here are a few photos from the past few weeks.

Grandma Jerrys birthday cake. Her party was a great success over 70 people attended and it was so nice to see the joy on her face. It was also great seeing many cousins I have not seen in a few years and their children. She loved her gift. My Aunt really liked her gift as well.

Thursday night after work the Hubby and I took a sunset cruise. The dogs seem like they are enjoying the ride. Even though Samson *the white dog* can't see anymore he loved feeling the wind in his face. These are our babies :)

And lastly our garden. The jalapeno's are starting to come in. We also planted Bell Peppers, Pole beans, around 8 tomato plants and a farmer friend of mine gave me a purple tomatillo plant as well as a striped Armenian cucumber plant. I've had them in the ground for about a week so hopefully soon we will start to see some progress.

This is the first time I have done a garden here at this house and I know that the soil could be better but I am hoping that the veggies thrive. The tomato plants are doing really well I hope the others follow :)

I am currently working on two baby blankets and getting some XS in as much as I can. It is so hard this time of year becasue the weather is just so beautiful and I find myslef putting aside my XS and playing in the garden.

I am hoping that all my blogging friends are enjoying their weekend. Thank you for always visiting :D

Have a terrific day my friends!
Love in Stitches,

Monday, May 5, 2014

summer has arrived

I do believe summer reared it's little head today, temps were in the mid 90's. We had a perfect weekend, seriously the best in a long time becasue it did not rain :) Our neighbors were down from Charlotte and we invited them over for a cinco de mayo dinner last night and then we took a sunset cruise on their boat. It was a perfect end to the evening.

Today was the heat wave, 95 and sunny so what do you do when it's that hot??

The water was still a tad chilly to swim but I along with all the other boaters waded out to our knees. This little beach is known as "Sandy Beach" on the weekends it is packed full of boaters, some beach their boats and when there is no more room everyone just ties off. We rarely come here on the weekends because it is so busy, we forgot about today being cinco de mayo so when we got there it was already pretty packed. We love this beach we take the dogs and there are usually other dogs running around.

When it is this hot I usually do not get much stitching done until it cools down in the evening, but on Saturday I did manage to finish this pillow for my Grandmothers birthday . I was so nervous about sewing it but I think it went fairly smooth. I noticed that I do need to take my sewing machine in and get her tuned up. I want to keep it in tip top shape and have yet to do that since buying it a few years ago.

Her are all the fabric I used to finish the piece, the light colored fabric is on the back

I recieved cinnamon hearts a few weeks ago and am now putting some stitches into it. I can't wait to see it come together.

Wishing you all a fantastic week. Thank you for all your lovely commentsa. I really appreciate them always :D

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

LHN Finish, picture heavy

I recently contacted Faye of Carolina Stitcher and asked her if she would be interested in finishing a gift that was going to be given to my Aunt for her Birthday. Even though it was a tight schedule she kindly said yes.

Now I am sure everyone has seen her beautiful work on her blog, but to see her work in person, well it is pretty awesome.
a pretty pink flower.

a cute little pocket where I am going to put a note card in there for my Aunt just to tell her how much I appreciate her.

And the whole piece.

If you have the chance to use Faye please do. You will not be disappointed. Her work is amazing and she is just as sweet as could be.

I am almost finished with my Grandmas gift. a few more stitches and then it is ready to be finished I will attempt to make a hanging pillow. I have fabric already picked out and some old lace taken from an old pillow case. I love to re purpose items

I will hopefully have pictures to share this weekend of the finished piece. Untill then I really appreciate those that visit and those that leave comments. I know many lead busy lives so to take a few moments out your day is a treasure :D

Have a wonderful Wednesday or as my DH says " HUMP DAAYYYYYYY!!!!" LOL