Monday, April 14, 2014

Can you dig it......

in the dirt?? Today I spent the morning at a co-workers farm. My friend decided to become a homesteder. I give her much props, because it is not an easy job. I have been wanting to come out her way and visit her farm The Humble Farm Today was a perfect day. I was greeted by her gang of hens and a few roosters but the one that stole the show was her Rooster Hunch. I did not take any photos but Hunch is about as spoiled as they come. He wanted to be picked up all the time, while we were planting seeds he came up and pecked at us to let us know he was there. He is so very sweet. I hugged on him alot. If everyone could have a HUnch in their life things would be perfect :D

It was really very relaxing to be out there in the country digging in the dirt and enjoying the fresh air.

I have still yet to work on Gma Gerrys gift I need to go to my LNS and pick up fabric that will work with the project. Though I do have a piece of 32ct that I might try to use. My cousin shared a photo on FB of Gma Gerry and a quilt she made this week. 90 years old and still sewing... She is AWESOME!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Embrace life and 90 years on this earth

I embrace spring with open arms. I am so thrilled to be out of the grips of "winter", yes I know our southern winters pale in comparison to winters elsewehe but none the less I am grateful that it is over. With spring comes daffodils, irises and running. A few years ago I ran alot at least 4-6 miles every other day. But a knee and ankle injury stopped me in my tracks. I have taken a VERY long time off and have slowly nursed my body back. Today this was my view while I ran/walked 3.2 miles. It felt amazing. I forgot how much I truly enjoy running. This is coming from a girl that use to hate the thought of running it made no sense to me why anyone would find it enjoyable. But I have overcome that and so grateful that I can do it today.

With running comes a sense of peace. It is just you and the pavement, that is my time to reflect on things. It is meditation for me. It also makes me mind full of what I put in my body. I am not going to deprive myself of things I love. Things like chocolate, beer and cheese but I take it all in moderation when I am in this mind set. I also remember to eat my full serving of veggies and fruits. I think running also leads me to be more productive. Those Endorphins are awesome.

Next month I will be going back home to celebrate my Grandmas 90th birthday. 90 years on this great earth! Grandma Gerry is not really my Grandmother. Growing up my mom was good friends with a woman named Sue, her son and my brothers became very good friends and then I came along, the only girl in the neighborhood, seriously. My two brothers are 15 years older than I am and there were three families nearby and they all had boys. So my moms friend became "aunt Sue" and I became the daughter of everyone LOL Well Aunt Sues mom Gerry became my Grandma and their family was our family. So I grew up with MANY "cousins" that I am still close to. Coming from a small family it was wonderful to have this extended family as my own.

Every summer Grandma Gerry and the family would get a big kettle and set it up outside above a big fire and make apple butter. So when I saw this pattern many years ago I knew that it would be the perfect gift for her. I intended to stitch it awhile back but never did so this will be a nice birthday present for her. I think it will be made into a pillow once finished.

I hope you all are enjoying your Wednesday so far. I want to thank you all for the comments left on the last post. It is always great to see how differently everyone stitches. As Brigitte said "the most important is the fun and contentment this hobby can give you"

With that I wish all enjoyment in each and every stitch and happiness in every day!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Serial Starter or am I???

I use to be a serial finisher. I never would start a new project until I finished the current one, well that just meant it took me YEARS to complete something. Then I started a rotation which allowed me to start as many new projects I wanted as long as they fit into the rotation schedule. Well then that fell by the wayside and I just stitched whatever the heck I wanted whenever. That has been all fine and dandy but I feel like I am not accomplishing anything, I have mabey 6 WIPs right now in my basket way less than some of my other stitching friends I'm sure ;)

So as I type this I sit here trying to decide if I work on my WIPs or just go all in and start a new project? There have been so many darling freebies from designers lately that I am tempted to start this one from The Primitive Hare

Or this one making in Blues and browns or pinks and browns Plum Street Samplers

Or this one Samplers and Santas
But as a few of my dear friends would say "start them all" Hahaha Gotta love 'em :D

I did happen to finish this sweet pillow for my cousins baby. Notice the date he was born, hopefully next time I won't wait so long LOL The fabric is what I used for the backing. I hope to have this mailed off to her before the weekend.

I will leave you with a picture of this little guy sunning himself in the warm Carolina sunshine Notice all that pollen covering the car... Pollen counts are SUPER high right now and they are hitting me hard!!

Wishing everyone a happy day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stitch from Stash Report

Hello dear stitchers,
I hope this Tuesday finds you all well and happy. Every month I do a stitch from stash report. We have a budget of $25 to spend on stash, it could be fabric, floss, trims, charts etc. and whatever we do not use can be carried over to the next month. The goal is to stitch from the things we currently have in our stash already.

I have used my stash money for fabric and floss mainly in the previous months but this month I bought this Kit from Threadwork Primitives. I have bought one of kits before and I was so pleased with everything in it, so I am excited to get this one. So with that being said with my carry overs from the previous months and minus what I spent on CINNAMON HEARTS

I have $6.50 remaining to add to next months budget.

Today it is rainy and cold so NOT spring like weather so since it is a stay indoors kind of day I am going to go to the gym and then I am going to spend the day winding floss. I am stitching on a fairly large design and I needed to get the floss organized before I got serious with it. And you will all be happy to know that there is not a highlighter in site.... I have switched to Twistable colored pencils so my work will be safe. As far as that Star Spangled Banner I tried all I could to save it but the orange never came out. I'm still going to finish stitching it though. Lesson learned

Thank you all for dropping by and your comments on the last blog post on what was your favorite blog. I hope you all have a fantastic day.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Happy Day it's spring

As I type someone out there is finishing their stitched pieces and I sit in awe of you, yes you :) Oh I have been stitching but once done I just fling them in a nice big drawer. Let me share with you some of my favorite blogs and the great finishes I have seen so far this week.

We have Katrina A kiwi Stitching. Is that backing fabric not the cutest on that pillow

Faye at Carolina Stitcher. I mean come on her work is just awesome. She is truly a gifted finisher

And then there is Carol over at Stitching Dreams. I enjoy her blog so much. She always has such beautiful finished pieces.

Those are just a few of my favorites. What are some of your favorite blogs??

Like I said in the beginning I have been stitching. I have been working on Star Spangled Banner, picking it up whenever I got the urge to put a few stitches in her. Well I was almost finished when the unthinkable happened!

Me and those darn orange high lighters!!! I am banning myself from ever going near them again at least while stitching. This time it is to big for a button to cover up remember my mishap here??

Someone on FB mentioned that Palmolvie Antibacterial Dish soap would take it out, so it is worth a try. If that does not work my hubby said "why not just stitch a green stem on it, it will look like a flower" LOL Anyway I have moved on for now to a few new projects.

I will be starting these as soon as I get my threads together.

Linda over at Such is Life held a drawing for January's Snowdrop and I was the lucky winner, she so kindly included the chart for February along with this cute stitched piece and some metallic thread. I usually do not like metallics because they fray to easily but this brand seems to be quit nice So I look forward to trying it out.

Well that was quit a post! I want to say thank you for dropping by my blog and remember I love reading your comments. Oh and Happy Spring!!
Take Care

Friday, March 7, 2014

A long overdue gift

Happy Firday!! Thank you to everyone who left such wonderful comments. It is scary to go through but we are blessed that everything turned out in our favor.Today it is a very wet and rainy day here in South Carolina, but even with that I am excited that the weekend is near and it is suppose to be BEAUTIFUL! Sun, Sun, Sun!!! Can you tell that I am excited to see the sun :D

It is amazing how much stitching you can accomplish when the weather is yucky. I started This piece on 2/25 and put the last stitch in it this morning. WooHoo. This is a long overdue gift for my Aunt. How I will finish it is still a mystery even to me. I am thinking maybe a flanged pillow?? I decided to use soft colors for this one and I am pretty pleased at the way it turned out.

32 count lakeside linens
Floss was a mix of DMC, WDW Lilac and Kreinik very fine braid #4 271

Hopefully I can get this finished this week and in the mail to her soon. Her birthday is in May and I think this would be a great surprise for her.

I am also going to be adding the name and birth info to that baby sampler I finished a few weeks ago. My friend had her son on 2/20. I am having a framed made for it by a stitching friends husband. I can not wait :)

I hope you have a great weekend and accomplish alot of stitching.

Thanks for visiting my blog your comments brighten my day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Feeling blessed

Mel over at Epic Stitching is the host of this year long Stitching from Stash group This month, in addition to the normal $25 budget, we were allowed a splurge of $100 for the Nashville Market weekend. Guess how much I spent?? $10 yup only $10 I am pretty good about window shopping. I looked at all the new things that came out for market and while there were so many great designs nothing really pulled me in. It is easy to resist when you have so many awesome projects kitted up from your own stock pile :)

This week I started stitching LHN "Glory to God" from the 2008 JCS Ornament magazine. I would love to be able top show you a photo but I miscounted the boarder and had to pick it all out so there is not much to share at this time. It will eventually be a gift for my Aunt, she picked it out way back in 2009 so I guess it is time to finally stitch it for her :)

Last week Weeks Dye Works held a drawing on their facebook page. it was open to the first 20 comments and would you know they drew my name I was super excited and yesterday after getting home from the hospital, more about that later, it was delivered to me. It sure did put a big smile on my face.
Isn't it beautiful? Love the wool and I can't wait to find ways to use it.

On our way to the hospital yesterday we saw this messsage on a church billboard "Worrying is as useless as sawing saw dust" it was perfect for that day. Yesterday I had to go for a mammogram and ultrasound. I found a lump two months ago and my doctor felt another lump when she did my exam two weeks ago, so I made an apponment for Monday, let me tell you that week of waiting for Monday to arrive was very tough. I was a ball of nerves. They could not get a good read from the mammogram so they did an ultrasound. While I was waiting for the doctor to come in I tearfully said a prayer that all would be well. And it was!!! There were no areas of concern. He did say I have a good amount of cysts but he was not worried as I should not be either. Thank the lord!! I immediatly felt a great weight lift off of me. I am so gratefull and know that life is precious.

Today is a beautiful day here in SC the sun is shining and it is suppose to be in the 60's I am going to spend the morning cleaning the house BLAH!! and then hopefully I can work on that boarder :) I hope you all have a fantastic day today.